#BeABuddha.  Fashion forward accessories for the bold & inspired that empower you to follow your passions.

BeBuddhaJewelry is a contemporary jewelry company for the bold- those who know what they want, are true to themselves and fearless in pursuit of their dreams. Every piece of BeBuddhaJewelry is handmade with lots of love, thought, and passion in Chicago, Illinois. Our unique aesthetic comes from the dirty side streets of Naples, Italy to the colorful hues of the Caribbean ocean.

A little history:

When Erin (creator and designer of BBJ) was a sophomore at the University of WIsconsin, wandering through the streets of Madison, she discovered a bead store that reeked of patchouli, incense, and body odor. Naturally as any 19-year-old wannabe hippie would be- she was intrigued. She picked up some basic tools and started making jewelry for herself. Pretty soon, friends and family started asking her to make them jewelry too.

After she graduated with a degree in Italian & International Studies, she was off traveling the world for the next 2 and a half years years, spending time in the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. She stepped off the plane at O’Hare Airport in Chicago on February 26, 2013 with NO idea what she “wanted to be when she grew up.” Once the jet-lag and the novelty of home cooked meals had worn off sheer panic set in. What was she doing? Where was she going?

This is how BeBuddha was born.

Since its inception in May 2013, BeBuddha has grown exponentially and now has a fan base that spreads as far and wide as Europe and Asia. Based in the values of positive thinking and originality, BeBuddha started as a small endeavor but quickly gained steam after hosting many events in the Chicagoland area and launching our website in July of 2015. Now a favorite among everyone from fashion risk takers to the girl-next-door, BeBuddha has something for everybody. Erin has been working nonstop to perfect her craft by dedicating her free-time to learning metal-smithing, resin-casting, and other techniques that set the brand apart. Her goal is to always keep creating and elevate the designs to a new level, continuously revolutionizing the brand. The best part is, this is only the beginning...

Are you a BeBuddhaBaddie?