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DIY: Fuzzy Wuzzy Pom Pom Sneakers


Contributor: Erin Leary Owner & Creative Director of BeBuddhaJewelry

Pom poms are everywhere this season- hats, shoes, & keychains.  I’ve even seen pom pom bras :\  Everywhere I looked pom pom shoes were between $70-$100.  I really didn’t want to spend that much so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I am literally at Michael’s every week grabbing something for my jewelry business or looking for inspiration.  When I saw these pom pom keychains a light bulb went off in my head!  Once I got home, I snipped off the keychain with some wire cutters.  There is a small loop at the base of the keychain- the perfect size for a shoe lace.  I already had these white on white Nikes (which I picked up at the Nike outlet in Michigan City for $40!)  So, I threaded on the pom pom and voila- pom pom shoes for half the price!  The best part? Unthread the pom pom when you want you classic white on whites back! 

Sunglasses: RayBan

Bomber: Ivy Park (ON SALE!!!)

Shoes: Nike Air Force Ones

White Bucket Bag: Marc Jacobs

Oversized Keychain: BeBuddhaJewelry









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  • dannie54 says:

    Yesssssss. I love this! I’m obsessed with the pompom sneaker but am broke af so this is the greatest!


  • alpluslex says:

    I saw the Ivy Park bomber at Nords and am obsessed with it!! Love that it is on sale. Great outfit.

  • I totally love this trend. They are so adorable!

  • But like….you’re the coolest. Loving those girl! Are those BF jeans from AKIRA? I have the same ones and I literally OVER wear them because I am so obsessed with them. Love seeing your creativity!

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