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I feel very lucky to be blessed with a wonderful family, a beautiful home, a great education, and great friends.  Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as you & me.  I wanted to start BeBuddha GIVES BACK to do my small part in making the world a better place- even if it affects only one person!  Every little bit makes a difference.


BreastCancerBuddhaMeet BreastCancerBuddha!  This project is very near and dear to my heart.  In 2007, my mom, Miriam, was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer.  She underwent a lumpectomy and the cancer was removed.  She received chemotherapy and radiation.  One year from her initial diagnoses the cancer spread to her bones, now becoming Stage IV Breast Cancer.  She then required more treatments and radiation.  The doctors told her only 15% survive with Stage IV cancer.  Luckily, bones are the slowest growing part of the body and she has survived with Stage IV cancer with medication and treatments since 2008!  She suffers everyday from pain but never complains- she had inspired me so much throughout my life.  Each bracelet in this collection is named after someone I know who has survived and continued to thrived after being diagnosed! For every bracelet sold BeBuddha will donate 50% of the profits to Breast Cancer Awareness.  Check out the bracelet below!


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LGBTBuddhaLGBTBuddha. The idea for LGBTBuddha originated amidst the gay marriage controversy.  I truly believe all people are created equal and deserve equal rights.  Everyone also deserves the right to express themselves and be who they are.  The Center on Halsted is the Midwest’s most comprehensive community center dedicated to advancing community and securing the health and well-being of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people of Chicagoland. More than 1,000 community members visit the Center every day, located in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview Neighborhood.  They work



hard to provide a safe and welcoming environment with programs and services for the entire community. Programs range from volleyball, dance performances and cooking classes to rapid HIV testing, group therapy and vocational training. They partner regularly with other organizations and groups from across Chicago and the nation to provide additional programming for the community.  50% of the profits of the LGBTBuddha Collection will be donated to the Center.

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